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Video sample: Attitudes in Balad, Somalia

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Here is a clip about an innocent poor youngster of marginalised people, caught and tortured by more powerful people. Or possibly he is a violent burglar, meeting well deserved hatred of the society? What ever.

The point is that whether he is burglar or not, he is marginalised anyway.

He will meet this attitude every day of his life, what ever he does for living. His family is from a wrong tribe.

* In Somalia, there live marginalised, repressed tribes, all together perhaps every fourth or third of total population, in some areas less, but in some areas fairly more than 50%.

They struggle in attitudes as seen on the video clip, as the dehumanised bottom layer of people.

Imagine how for instance the famine aid got shared in the country. Who got it in the first hand? People like this humiliated young guy?

No. The Federal Parliament and local adminstrations have been ruled by quarrelling elders of the armed clans, reflecting the very violence that ruined the country.

This fragmentation alone is a serious challenge for the new president’s government. But also the repressed bottom layer should be recognised.

Why? Because during the devastating civil war, the repressed people did the basic work from farming to construction.

They still do it. The government has declared brand new programs of anti-corruption, security, reconciliation, unification and equality. These programs have not yet been tested in practice. However, they give some hope of peace and dignity to Somalian people.

But how could that hope become reality in a layered nation?

* For some reason, the society who captured this son of a marginalised tribe, recorded their catch on video.
Maybe they did not realise how clearly the video shows their own attitude as part of the everyday corruption.

Every second on the video they tend to strenghten the illusion of their superiority, by humiliating the guy. And they have proudly let this illusion spread in social media.

This attitude is where many of Somalian kids have to grow up, whether as torturers or tortured. This attitude is necessary for wealthy warlords and terrorists to prevent any change in Somalia. With no change, Somalia will stay one of the most violent and the most corrupted environments in the world.

* It is easy to say that this young guy should get a proper, human trial. Impartiality has always been a difficult challenge in all countries. In Somalia, no doubt.

How to create and maintain a trial, a court, that would not be corrupted? The situation could surely be improved if the torturers and video makers wanted to learn.

What could release these people from their illusion, the necessarity of this kind of superiority? What could wake them to see how their manners of dehumanising the others just ruin their own future?

Instead of this nightmare, they could do something constructive. For instance, grab those principally good programs of the government and form their own input to add.

And listen to the others. That is what also the marginalised tribes should be allowed to do.

Shape the government’s programs by their own vision. Together with all people of Somalia. To shake development programs alive.

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