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Could the Government of Somalia win Al Shabaab by new steps?

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Since 2006 the group Al Shabaab has been plotting methods in Somalia to fight against both the Transitional government and the Federal government, now more than 11 years.

Every government, in partnership with the African Union military, took control over many areas, previously controled by Al Shabaab. However, these areas seasonally still experience many explosions and assassinations.
Governments in the past and now have had just a fragile security control of the capital Mogadishu, with shocking incidents of damage to life and losses of property of the people of Somalia. made some comparisons between the forces of the Federal Government and Al-Shabaab.


1. Istidhlaac (intelligence). Section of data collection and spies among communities in every level of Somali people, including governments. They facilitate messages to fly to all parts of Somalia for murder and suicide attacks.

2. Amniyaad (killers). This group is active in the regions controlled by government and communities, likely to work in secret assasinations, receiving support from Istidhlaac (intelligence). 3. Mutarijaad (explosions) also operate in the state and community, they create problems with explosives to various objects, pointed by Istidhlaac.

4. Jabhad (military) are the only ones easy to win in war, they will always be defeated when the Federal forces and AMISOM are prepared and have a chance to fight them face to face.


Somalian army has supplies and high training and is often known as primary force in adjusting settings against any group. However, people demand their responsibility in preventing problems that have been seen too often. The government has to do a lot to prevent the agents from al Shabaab to penetrate governal settings.

It must improve military strategies to detect more suicide car bombings before their act. So, how can the government improve their own network of spying and informing?

A decisive mission of government could and should be to involve women and young people, just as Shabaab does, to access communities and take part in decision making of Mogadishu. How?

By trusting them as full bodied citizens, and supporting them equivalently. Compared to soldiers, women have another kind of influence to youngsters. If they can be convinced to trust and cooperate with the government, they can make the cooperation attractive to young people, too. So, listen to women and young people and give them full meaning and power as citizens. This would make a great step in bringing security to Mogadishu, in order to spread it all over the country.

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