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Media war in Somalia – Why got hacked

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Notice apologizes that it did not work for last two weeks.


It was waiting for recovery from an extraordinarily massive hacking.


The web host has found that this hacking was planned and the effort had been going on already a couple of months. The activities were coming from several computers without ip address.


A couple of months ago Calanside published video clips of the burning village Jameeo Misra and articles about brutal activities of chasing people from their homes near the city of Balad some 30 kilometers from Mogadishu, Somalia.


These activities showed characteristics of ethnic cleansing. In this perspective, the most alarming fact was that this crime was committed by soldiers of the local adminstration, and under silent acceptance of higher authorities.


After two months the Federal government of Somalia removed the chairman of the city of Balad.


We don’t know why the government of Hiirshabele did not fire the failed chairman. We don’t know even if the Federal government reacted because of the burning of the village Jameeo Misra by Balad soldiers, or some other reason. We don’t know either how the new chairman will influence the tradition of burning villages in the area. has been writing also in English about these phenomena of Somalia.


May 27th, Calanside wrote about unclear conditions near the city Number 50 in the region Lower Shabele. Villages were burned and residents chased and killed, during Al-Shabaab’s fight against AMISOM and Federal soldiers.


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