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Does Somalia tolerate continuous destruction of villages by local administration?

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Does Somalia tolerate continuous destruction of villages by local administration? The 3rd of April this year, a village called Jameo Misra was burned down near the town Balad in Middle Shabelle region. Properties and cattle was burned.

Human lives were lost. The waterpump well was filled with soil after being struck by heavy weapons. As result of the destruction of Jameeo Misra, hundreds of people had no choise but to join the homeless masses around Mogadishu, where nobody is helping them.

Returning and rebuilding the lost properties in Jameo Misra from nothing would be very risky, because there is no administrative protection in the area.

One of the local traditional leaders, elder Ahmed Rashid of Shidle, told to the Middle Shabelle Media Center and Arican Cable TV that some soldiers of Hirshabeele have burned several villages under the district of Balad since the year 2007.

The elder said the district capitol Jowhar has left certain Balad villages without any support when the troops under the civilian administration of Hirshabele burned the villages.

Calanside News have been informed that the chairman of the town Balad is responsible of the tragedy.

It would be very important for the unification of Somalia to achieve some concrete progress in law and reconciliation in the grass root level. So far there are no reports about the case from the Hirshabele adminstration nor the government of President Farmaajo.

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